Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No One's Perfect

I loved taking the Eat Local Challenge! So much so, that I'm not doing it anymore! Wait, what?

Eating local is still something I'm fired up about. It's still something I aspire to. Unfortunately, it's also something that got dropped by the wayside as life got busier. My weekend mornings were spoken for for a couple of weeks so I couldn't make it to the Farmers' Market, and my Friday grocery shopping time got eaten away (no pun intended!) so quick food grabs at Super Target were the solution. But as I've said before (and try to remind myself), this is not about perfection. It's about becoming conscious and making small changes.

I'm SO not good at small changes, though! I'm a "dive into the deep end" kind of person. Problem is, after a while, I realize I'm in the deep end, I freak out, and I leave the pool entirely, rather than swimming over to the kiddie pool where I can safely stay in the water. But small changes, I'm learning, are what sticks. Small changes mean being OK with the kiddie pool for a while, while you acclimate to the water, "get your feet wet", maybe even get your hair wet, and then start the journey to the deep end. It requires patience and time, and I'm not long on either one!

So, small changes in the world of eating local...what will that mean for me? I'm going to start with a trip to the co-op once a month to get some of my favorite local items-- butter, bread, eggs, and whatever produce is in season. I'll still supplement with my more usual Super Target or Trader Joe's run, but at least that gives me a few local items to enjoy on a regular basis!

Little by little...baby steps...kiddie pool...I think that's going to be my mantra for a while!


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